There are so many budget-priced true wireless earbuds on the market and it’s my job to sort the wheat from the chaff. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find something different to write about what has become a mere staple in the world of consumer electronics.

For this week’s pair of true wireless earbuds, I looked at Ugreen’s new HiTune X6 earbuds. Despite their reasonable price, these true wireless earbuds have impressive specifications and could be a good buy for anyone who doesn’t want to splash out on a pair of Apple AirPods (other deluxe earbuds are available) but who still want as good a quality of sound as it’s possible to get for around $50.

The Ugreen HiTune X6 earbuds are supplied in a rather fancy black box. I know you can’t always judge a sausage by its skin, but the packaging of the HiTune X6 was good enough to give me the right vibes about reviewing these earbuds.

The HiTune X6 earbuds are stored in a nicely made charging case with a silver and black two-tone effect. On the rear of the hinged case, there’s a physical button to press that puts the earbuds in pairing mode so you can link them to your smartphone. Before use, the earbuds need to have small little patches of plastic film removed from their charging pins so they can be fully charged. The case accepts a USB-C charging cable but there’s no provision for wireless charging.

A full charge of the HiTune X6 earbuds will yield around six hours of playing time and there’s an extra 20 hours of power in the charging case battery, bringing the total playing time between charges to 26 hours. That’s not a bad figure and enough for a week or two of commuting. The case takes around two hours to fully charge while the earbuds reach peak charge after one and a half hours.

The design of the HiTune X6 earbuds is rather beautiful and the sculpted shape makes for a great fit in the listener’s ears, providing a fit that can deliver comfortable wear for hours at a time. There’s also a choice of three sizes of silicone ear tips that should suit most people’s ears.

Along with many earbuds on the market these days, the Ugreen HiTune X6 earbuds offer active noise cancelation to block out unwanted external sounds like traffic or engine noise of a car or airplane. The noise cancelation feature uses six microphones to sample sound before its deducted from the audio stream. For me, the ANC function was average on these earbuds. They’re not the best in class but they do a reasonably effective job of canceling out annoying background sounds that would otherwise spoil your enjoyment of the music.

Some of those microphones built into the earbuds are also used for picking up the user’s voice when making or taking phone calls. They’re also useful for video calls and using a voice assistant like Google or Siri. The quality of the microphones is very good and more than adequate for good quality voice calls and video meetings.


When it comes to sound, the HiTune X6 are surprisingly effective at producing a big fat sound with oodles of bass but with enough detail in the treble to stop the music from sounding woolly. With a latency of 50ms, these earbuds are great for movies and gaming, plus that meaty bass makes soundtracks sound exciting.

Although the HiTune X6 earbuds are best suited to rock or rap, the 10mm diamond-like carbon drivers handle most types of music very well and these earbuds certainly sound far better than the average budget pair on the market. Another plus is that these earbuds can play loud. I know we’re not supposed to play earbuds at too high a volume, but some models are very weak and could do with a bit more volume.

The Ugreen HiTune X6 use the latest version of Bluetooth and support SBC as well as AAC audio codecs. That makes them an ideal choice for users of Apple’s iOS devices. There’s no support for Qualcomm’s aptX codec so if that matters to you, then you may need to look at a different make of earbuds. That said, most later versions of Android support the high-quality AAC codec so don’t let it put you off if you’re not an Apple user.

Each earbud features touch controls for doing things like skipping tracks, pausing the music, answering or declining calls, plus volume level adjustments. There’s no smartphone app to accompany the HiTune X6 so turning on ANC is a simple matter of pressing the left or right earbud for longer than a second. A voice prompt tells you when ANC is on or off. A quadruple tap of either earbud puts the HiTune X6 into gaming or movie mode with lower latency.

Verdict: For the money, the Ugreen HiTune X6 earbuds are a bit of a bargain. They sound surprisingly refined for the money and there’s no shortage of volume or bass. The ANC function works but isn’t quite as accomplished as the very best true wireless earbuds on the market. Voice quality is impressive, making the HiTune X6 ideal for phone calls and video meetings. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a pair of noise-canceling, true wireless earbuds, then the Ugreen HiTune X6 are a safe bet.

Pricing & Availability: The Ugreen HiTune X6 earbuds are available now from Amazon at the following prices $49.99, £39.99 and €39.99.

More info:

Tech Specs:

  • Bluetooth: Version5.1.
  • Bluetooth profiles: HSP, HFP, ACRCP, A2DP.
  • Driver: 10mm Diamond-Like Carbon.
  • Audio codecs: AAC, SBC.
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz.
  • Earbud battery: 6 hours.
  • Case battery: 20 hours.
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours for earbuds, 2 hours for case.
  • Charging port: USB-C.
  • Waterproof: IPX5.

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