One of the best pieces of free audio software has just had a significant upgrade with the addition of real-time effects support, non-destructive editing, VST3 support, UX and UI improvements, plus it now enables users to share audio using quickly and easily to the newly launched platform.

Muse Group has announced the release of Audacity 3.2, the latest version of the leading free audio editing and recording software. Audacity 3.2 is an end-to-end production tool that can be used for recording music, voiceovers and podcasts.

Audacity now has built-in support for direct uploading to, the new software allows creators to easily share audio files by simply sending a link to intended recipients. Creators can make their profile with a biography and link to their social profiles. enables the easy uploading of audio files either publicly or privately, with the ability to share projects by using an account as cloud storage.

Effects and crossfades can now be adjusted in real-time with Audacity 3.2, enablING changes in timing and precise edits while listening to audio. This is a game-changing feature for many creators. The latest version also has improved non-destructive audio capabilities, so creators can tweak effects without making the changes permanent until they are ready to commit.

Virtual Studio Technology (VST3 support) has also been enhanced in the latest version with the new production update. Audacity 3.2 offers a more streamlined experience for creators with a completely rewritten code base, providing a stable and reliable VST platform.

Audacity 3.2 also introduces a clearer and more consistent set of controls in the top bar for a smoother editing experience, with the audio output bar and volume slider combined for a more efficient experience. A new ‘Audio Setup’ option enables quick and easy changes to input, mic and output settings.

Availability: Audacity 3.2 is entirely free and is available to download for Windows, macOS and Linux.

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