Nvidia has announced that the popular PC game Portal, is to receive ray tracing and DLSS 3 support on December 8th via a DLC pack that’s free to download for existing Portal owners.

The game will add both DLSS 3 support that requires an Nvidia RTX 40-series graphics card, but also DLSS 2 support, which requires an RTX 3060 or above to hit playable frame rates at 1,920 x 1,080 according to the minimum specifications.

Above we can see a demo of DLSS 3 in action, boosting the frame rate over 400 percent in some parts, with Nvidia claiming a 2.8x inrease overall. Portal was already a good-looking game, but a ray-traced boost to lighting as well as remastered hi-res textures and models will add to the eye candy according to Nvidia.


DLSS 2 will allow RTX 3080 owners to hit 60fps at high settings, but for a smooth 4K experience you’ll need an RTX 4080 or above to opt for ultra settings and using DLSS 3.

The original Portal game received an 8.2 rating on IGN and 90 percent on Metacritic, but while its 2007 release date makes the original an easy game to play on modest modern systems, it’s clear the high res textures and ray tracing have dialed up the requirements so only reasonably powerful DLSS 2 or DLSS 3-capable GPUs will be able to play it smoothly.

You can add Portal with RTX to your Steam wishlist here now and more details will be announced on December 6th on Twitch and Steam.


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