Samsung has registered a new trademark covering what appears to be a next-gen camera image sensor expanding the company’s highly-successful Isocell range. These sensors are often found in successful smartphones such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The trademark filing, spotted by GalaxyClub, reveals Samsung’s plans for a new XISO-CELL product — a name sounding very much like an updated version of the company’s Isocell Plus and Isocell 2.0 range of camera sensors. Filed on 16 Nov, the application is currently in progress and awaiting examination.

Of course, while it’s entirely possible Samsung’s new XSIO-CELL product might herald the next level of smartphone photography, this is just a trademark application and not a patent. The only information we have so far is the new name and that the trademark is intended for use in the same category of products as smartphones and cameras (among other devices).


What we do know is that Samsung is doing something and that it’s considered important enough to warrant a whole new name. Despite indications of massive improvements in picture quality, there’s probably not enough time for any new XISO-CELL terminology to feature in next year’s Galaxy S23 Ultra.

However, term ‘XISO-CELL’ suggests a significant change or improvement over Samsung’s Isocell technology which has seen many improvements since its launch in 2013, but none so far significant enough to warrant such a dramatic change in naming.

I take this as a strong indication that we’ll be seeing some exciting upgraded camera tech from Samsung in the near future.

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