If you’ve ever picked up your Apple AirPods and glanced down to see a yucky brown material on them, you’ll be reminded that keeping your AirPods clean is important. Now, Belkin has released an AirPods Cleaning Kit designed to remove that horrible stuff—it’s earwax, by the way.

The new kit is designed for AirPods, and works with first-, second- and third-generation models, though sadly not with AirPods Pro, perhaps because the silicone ear tips would require a whole other way of doing things.

The kit consists of a wax softening material: put two drops on the part you want to clean, such as the earpiece speaker or side vent and leave in place for 60 seconds. Then tip this away and brush the vent or earpiece with the supplied brush tool.

After that, there’s a sticky cleaning gel which can be used to magically suck out remaining bits of earwax. Finally, rub the earbuds with the microfiber cloth to pick up any other marks.


Incidentally, the helpful how-to video from Belkin shows the user tipping the wax softener away on to the microfiber cloth, but that would just spread the wax around further, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, this is a useful way to keep things as clean as they should be, though at $14.99 per kit, it’s not cheap—unless you can work out a way to make it last more than one go. There’s enough in the kit to do more than one pair, but I’m just not convinced the sticky gel will last very long.

I guess if you have several pairs of AirPods in the family and you’re not too squeamish, you could do your good deed for the day by cleaning everybody’s AirPods at the same time.

Let’s hope they make a version for AirPods Pro users, too, but in the meantime, this is a cute holiday gifts stocking filler.


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