Conversations are at the heart of collaboration within an enterprise. One’s ability to communicate with their teammates is often the difference between success or failure in the workplace. In addition, having a record of these conversations allows for consistent decision-making and the capture of institutional knowledge within a corporation. While there are many automated notetaking solutions, few allow for robust quantification of effective communication between individuals and businesses., an AI assistant notetaker, aims to help teams “unlock knowledge buried inside your meetings with insights & analytics” with its Conversational Intelligence product suite.

Fireflies has provided the multi-billion dollar voice market with a robust solution in its AI assistant notetaker, as the company has over 300,000 organizations and 75% of the Fortune 500 using their product. Instead of having one or two people dedicated to the task of taking notes, Fireflies’s AI assistant named Fred joins the online meeting room and silently records the conversation, producing a transcript for all meeting participants to review after the gathering has ended. Consequently, tackling the initial problem of analog notetaking has led to newer opportunities for Fireflies to deliver value with its Conversational Intelligence (CI) product suite.


Now that corporations have audio and text records of their conversations, how can they use those to generate better dialogue within their enterprise and with their customers? Fireflies’s CI product suite delivers team insights, conversation and speaker analytics for its customers. The CI product suite can also embed into telephony systems, bring in asynchronous data from Loom applications and provide high-quality summaries by leveraging GPT-3. With over forty integrations with various SaaS products, Fireflies is redefining what it means to be an organization through conversational intelligence.

CEO Krish Ramineni says, “Fireflies has evolved from a product meant for individuals to a product to support teams.”

The evolution of their product necessitates an evolution in their team. While Ramineni continues as Fireflies’s CEO and Sam Udotong leads the company’s technical development as CTO, the ranks of the Fireflies team have swelled. With nearly one hundred employees on its roster, Fireflies is heralding a new era of conversational intelligence for corporations of all sizes.


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