Nobody makes a video quite like Apple. Its latest focuses on some of the accessibility features on Apple products like the iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac. It’s an amazing watch and if you’re not moved to tears by the end of it, you’re made of sterner stuff than I am.

The 138-second video shows a series of differently abled people, from blindness to deafness to physical disabilities, all using Apple devices to enhance what they do.

A quadriplegic man uses voice to instruct his iPhone to show the weather and take a photograph of himself, later editing it on his Mac with commands the computer can understand, such as sticking his tongue out or scrunching his nose to crop and alter the image.

A deaf mother knows that her baby is crying because the Apple Watch alerts her.

A woman with no arms uses Siri to open her blinds, also managing to apply eye make-up with amazing precision using her feet, even driving with her feet.

A child gets her iPad to read text out loud.


A blind man holds his iPhone ahead of him and it speaks to him, recognizing a red jacket hanging on a wall, and later recognizing a door. Two doors, actually, and the second door has writing on it, which the iPhone also reads aloud.

There’s a lot more of this and all of the story is beautifully told with an emphasis of the normality of everything we see.

These are stories of daily triumph over adversity. The technology is incredible, but it’s the people using it who are inspiring, imaginative and resilient.

This is also a video that unites us, reminds us of the things that we all use, such as directions on an Apple Watch, and how crucial these features have become to all of us but have another, extra importance to some.

When Apple launched FaceTime, the movie it showed was breathtaking at its climax: a video call between two deaf people showed them able to see them sign “I love you” to each other.

Apple has a gift for letting us see technology in a way that we’ve never thought of it, and here it is spectacularly heart-warming.

If you haven’t spotted yet, I really like this video and think it’s worth a look. Here it is.


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